Monday, 12 September 2011

Sebastian Vettel in Italian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull's F1 driver has easily won the Italian Grand Prix at the historic Monza circuit.

This victory is Vettel’s 18th victory which made him to stand 112 points ahead from other opponents.

Vettel exclaims and says that "The circuit means a lot to me and has been very special, I had my first victory here and I remembered every bit of it when I crossed the line".

Red Bull in the 2011 Italian Grand Prix

He also added "when you stand up there you feel blessed, as it doesn’t happen to many people. There are so many people underneath and you can see them all coming.

This circuit has been tough for us for the last two years and so… to come back this year and win! The car was amazing in qualifying yesterday and in the race today it was even better.

The start was not that good, Fernando was suddenly there and I didn’t know where he was coming from. It took me a while to see we were three going into Turn 1.

I kept second place and then after the restart, I was able to pass Alonso. He didn’t give me much room there, but it was just enough, so it was very enjoyable. It was a great race for us.

As its 150 years for Italian Unity also, I think it makes it special for everyone here, so thank you to all the fans."

After the race gets over Vettel is there in the leading position with Alonso in the 2nd place and Button and Webber on the 3rd position.

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