Monday, 25 July 2011

Hamilton's exiting victory in the 2011 German grand prix

McLaren Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton has won the 2011 German grand prix. It was an amazing race in which the winner was decided in the last minute.

Hamilton took the lead from Red Bull’s Mark Webber; where Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel was fighting for the third place.

Popular figures like Ferrari’s Felipe Massa and McLaren’s Jenson Button had meanwhile lost time at the beginning.

Hamilton lost his lead to Webber when they all entered the 12th lap; however he took the lead again after an early pit stop on Lap 14.

On Lap 30, again Webber was the first to make his second stop whereas Hamilton and Alonso stopped on Laps 31 and 32 respectively.

All the three were driving as fast as possible with their new set of tires.

As the countdown started to the final stops, Hamilton was the first to stop on Lap 51, whereas Alonso went two laps later and Webber was another three beyond that.

Though Massa was rushing for 4th position Red Bull grabbed it by pushing Massa to the 5th place.

Adrian Sutil takes an excellent 6th place for Force India. Sebastien Buemi who survived a clash at the chicane by putting out the first-lap spinner Nick Heidfeld, Buemi was handed a five-place grid penalty for the next round in Hungary after the post-race investigation by the stewards.

Heikki Kovalainen holds the 16th place and Australian rookie holds the 19th place.

Due to hydraulic problems, the non-finisher was Button. This huge victory pulled Hamilton to third in the title chase on 134 points and Button grounded on 109.

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

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Monday, 18 July 2011

F1 splashes the Moscow City racing show

F1 took a tour around the walls of the Kremlin on Sunday as McLaren, Ferrari and Team Lotus took part in the annual Moscow City racing show.

McLaren driver Jenson Button says that "he can hardly believe that he had the possibility to drive a Formula One car around the walls of the ancient Kremlin; he also says that the number of fans here is rising for every year which shows the popularity of Formula One in Russia is rising."

Ferrari test driver Giancarlo Fisichella says that this the first time a Ferrari Formula 1 car has been driven through the streets of Moscow.

Moscow City racing show

In front of the Kremlin, test drivers Karun Chandhok and Luiz Razia did powerbrakes, rear wheel rotation(doughnuts) and reached speeds of up to 240kph.

"Russia has a grand prix coming up and there seems to be a lot of excitement among the public here, which is great - unless you can get a crowd, there's no point in having a race," said Chandhok. But there seems to be a lot of interest for Formula 1 in this country.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

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Monday, 11 July 2011

Lawsuit against Austin Grand Prix dropped

According to the Austin American-Statesman, a District Court judge on Friday granted a plaintiffs' request to withdraw a lawsuit related to the U.S. Grand Prix scheduled to take place outside of the Austin city limits in June 2012.

Austin Grand prix

On June 22, Three residents sued Texas state comptroller Susan Combs, claiming that she did not have the authority to authorize a $25 million payment to support the Formula One race.

According to the newspaper, "Bill Aleshire, the lawyer who filed the suit, said that he lacked evidence at this time to move forward. The lawsuit can be refiled up until Combs writes a check to F1 organizers."

Combs have promised to release the money by the end of July.

"As the facts change or if we're able to get additional information before Combs spends that money, we can ask the judge to prevent it," Aleshire told the Austin American-Statesman.

A spokesperson for Combs said that the comptroller "has followed the law as it is laid out in statute and administrative rules and we are pleased with dismissal of the lawsuit."

However, Aleshire told the paper that his clients still want to see the comptroller's office's "estimates of the tax and economic impact of the race," and that they could refile their suit if the results do not satisfy them.


Monday, 4 July 2011

FIA answers all the questions about TurboV6 Engines

Let us see the answers given by FIA for all the questions about F1's pending swap to greener 1.6-litre V6 engines in 2014..

Turbo V6

The World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) voted on 29 June 2011. What did it decide?

Following consultation with the various Formula One stakeholders and the current Formula One engine manufacturers, the WMSC has ratified the adoption of a V6 turbo engine to be used in Formula One from 2014 onwards.

This required changes to the regulations initially adopted by the World Council on 3 June 2011. The full regulations applicable to the 2014 season will be published in due course.

Will a V6 use more fuel, or have inferior economy compared with the original proposal?

No. To push the engineers to develop engine efficiency, the technical regulation imposes a fuel flow control.

When evolving the regulation to fit with the manufacturers’ new request this parameter has not been changed.

Thus the efficiency requirement will be unchanged.

Why has the rev limit been increased from 12,000rpm to 15,000rpm. Is this purely to enhance the sound of a Formula One car?

No. This parameter has been updated from 12000rpm to 15000 rpm to allow engineers more flexibility in power and energy management.

However, as a consequence of the new architecture (V6) and the change in rev-limit, the engine will sound different, but will remain representative of Formula One.

Will the increase in rpm alter fuel consumption?

Absolutely not. As mentioned above, the fuel flow limit will stay the same.

The technologies are the same and as a consequence any increase in rpm will constrain the engineers to work harder on reducing friction and gaining on engine efficiency.

The challenge will be even bigger than originally planned and will therefore enhance the technological lead of Formula One.

Has the FIA retained the energy recover devices originally intended to be used in conjunction with the I4 engine?

Yes, the concept initially presented is respected. All of the technology intended for the I4 is still present.

This new power plant will be a dramatic step forward in both fuel efficiency and in energy management.

Will those manufacturers already engaged in the development of a four-cylinder engine face increased costs now they need to redirect their resources toward designing a V6?

To our knowledge, five manufacturers were working on the proposed 4-cylinder engine.

They will all need to adapt their project and this will surely involve some additional costs, depending on how advanced each project was.

This evolution has been proposed and supported by all four engine manufacturers currently involved in Formula One.

Why is the introduction of the new generation of engines now being delayed by year?

The decision to delay the introduction until 2014 comes at the request of the four engine manufacturers currently involved in Formula One.

Their request for extra time is linked to the change in architecture but also to ensure their projects are more robust (one of the goals of the project is to enhance engine durability to c.4000km)

Will these energy recovery systems and other efficiency devices ultimately influence the development of road cars?

Yes. The clear need for the automotive industry to reduce emissions means energy management will increasingly become a key factor in the development of more efficient powertrain.

Kinetic energy recovery is already applied in Formula One and the introduction of exhaust energy recovery will add another technology route to be explored.

Formula One will also return to its role as a developer of turbo-charged technology.

This research will have real-world benefits, contributing valuable knowledge that will be of use to future road car development.

Combustion engine specifications

1600cc, V6

15000 rpm max

Direct fuel injection up to 500bar

Single turbocharger

Controlled fuel flow

Energy recovery and storage systems specifications:

Kinetic, 120kW on the rear wheels

Exhaust energy recovery linked to the turbocharger