Monday, 18 July 2011

F1 splashes the Moscow City racing show

F1 took a tour around the walls of the Kremlin on Sunday as McLaren, Ferrari and Team Lotus took part in the annual Moscow City racing show.

McLaren driver Jenson Button says that "he can hardly believe that he had the possibility to drive a Formula One car around the walls of the ancient Kremlin; he also says that the number of fans here is rising for every year which shows the popularity of Formula One in Russia is rising."

Ferrari test driver Giancarlo Fisichella says that this the first time a Ferrari Formula 1 car has been driven through the streets of Moscow.

Moscow City racing show

In front of the Kremlin, test drivers Karun Chandhok and Luiz Razia did powerbrakes, rear wheel rotation(doughnuts) and reached speeds of up to 240kph.

"Russia has a grand prix coming up and there seems to be a lot of excitement among the public here, which is great - unless you can get a crowd, there's no point in having a race," said Chandhok. But there seems to be a lot of interest for Formula 1 in this country.

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