Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Safety for your vehicles at All America Auto Transport

Auto shipping is a challenging task and prone to a lot of risks and therefore it is therefore of paramount mportance that you select an auto shipping company that takes personal care of your vehicle till it is safely delivered at the end destination.

Vehicle transport does not mean mere shifting of vehicles from one state to another or one country to another - the crux of the issue is on shifting the vehicles safely. Most individuals and organizations take a lot of pride in maintaining their vehicles and they would obviously want the auto transporting service to appreciate this sentiment.

In earlier times, most people were diffident about auto transport and there were not many auto shipping companies. As a result, vehicle owners had no choice but to sell their vehicles when they migrated to other states or another country. But since then, things have changed for the better and today you have a lot of reputed and reliable auto transport companies.

Vehicles are not only costly objects, but they are also huge in size and weigh heavily and this makes safe shipping of vehicles all the more difficult. Thus to ensure complete safety of the vehicle, many auto shipping companies employ professionals who understand and appreciate the value of the vehicle. The workers are taught how to handle the vehicle with undivided attention and care.

To facilitate safe shipping of your vehicles, it is necessary that you do the following prior to handing over the vehicle to the auto shipping company:

Thoroughly check your vehicle prior to your shipping and ensure that your vehicle is in good condition
Inflate the tires to the recommended pressure for safe loading and unloading so that no damage is caused to the tires.
Completely empty the vehicle and remove all the additional fittings except the necessary items such as spare tires or jack.
Make it a point to remove all the antennas and roof racks
Disable your alarm system and remove the EZ pass device if there is one in your vehicle
There should be only 1/4 tank of fuel and not more.
Get bill of lading signed so that if you find any damage to your vehicle after it reaches the destination - you can claim the insurance amount
Do not forget to get the documents of current conditions of your car
Remember to verify the condition of the vehicle when delivered and do not accept the delivery during night times.
Choosing enclosed mode of transport would be safer and having proper auto transport insurance for your vehicle would be essential.
You can visit the website of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to check if your vehicle transport company is properly licensed.

The wise thing to do if you really want your vehicle to be transported safely, is to handover your vehicle to a reputed auto shipping company that has the experience and expertise in transporting vehicles. Vehicle shipping is made safe through All America Auto Transport (AAAT) that is in the business of transporting vehicles within the country and overseas since 1964.

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