Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mercedes-Benz unveils rugged 2013 G-Class SUV

Mercedes-Benz has again reshaped its G-Class, the closest vehicle left to the giant, gas-guzzling, Hummeresque SUVs of the 1990s.

Thinking of invading a third-world country? You'll want to show up in a G-Class to take the reins of power. But hold off the tanks until August, when it comes to showrooms.
Perhaps the biggest change is under the hood: the 2013 G63 AMG will come with an eight-cylinder bi-turbo engine. For fuel economy, as if that matters, there will be a stop-start feature to turn off the engine at stoplights.

For the redo, Mercedes has loaded up its premier luxury off-road vehicle with lots of technology. The instrument cluster and center console have been completely redesigned and Mercedes' new, fancy infotainment system has been added. Now, safety features like blind-spot detection, a parking aid and adaptive cruise control have been added.

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