Monday, 14 November 2011

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2011

Though we are happy for the victory of Hamilton we should not forget to feel sad for Sebastian Vettel who was forced to retire in the first-lap.

At the exit of the first lap everything seemed ok but when Vettel turned in to he was spun off by damaging the suspension badly.

Fernando Alonso Ferrari along with Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button
Fernando Alonso Ferrari along with Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button

Vettel says that"I lost my pressure all of a sudden from the exit of Turn One. There is nothing that I did differently to any of the others laps.

I think it may be because of the way I cut the kerb at a funny angle. It is tough, but I used the opportunity to learn a bit on the pit wall."

Report says that this is Vettel's first race retirement since Korea last year. Because of vettel’s retirement Hamilton, Alonso, Button and Webber got an unbelievable start.

Daniel Ricciardo of HRT-Cosworth, Sebastien Buemi of STR-Ferrari and Jerome d'Ambrosio of Virgin-Cosworth are the drivers who got retired from Abu Dhabi grand prix because of the problem in the car.

After a long time Hamilton is back with a tremendous victory in Abu Dhabi GP 2011 with Fernando Alonso in the 2nd place with 18 points and Jenson Button in 3rd place with 15 points.

Overall, it was an unlucky race for Vettel and a lucky race for Hamilton clearly being the happiest person after winning Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2011.

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